Dragon Ball Super episode 127 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 127 : “”


  • ‏‏

    What’s with the Victorian era music?

  • Jeerus

    Whats with the no video

    • z28man

      Ya I dunno, it’s been like that since yesterday at least :/

  • Nicholas Lohmann

    This episode isn’t working 🙁

  • Crispoz

    You guys are incredible. You talk like losing your family because someone is evil is a cake and it’s boring. Those things happen, you know? If something similiar would happen to you, you would be so angry, don’t you? I know it’s not really original because, like I said, it happens a lot of times. But what else did you want? “Jiren wants to be strong because no real reason”? The backstory could be much more wide and deep but don’t you think that Belmod didn’t want to “waste” time by telling Jiren’s story in depth? It would had also been disrespectful to Jiren.
    Jiren is also human. He had feelings. “Boring” story but still an actual reason to be like he is.

  • Akaalis

    Something tells me that Frieza is going finish off either an exhausted Jiren or Goku…… !!

  • cepterk

    I dont think Toriyama san knows how long a minute is…unless this is an intentional running joke.

  • BraveKido

    No17 will be resurrected with the dragon balls, don’t worry.

  • BraveKido

    Why didn’t Vegita and Goku perform fusion?

  • Sherlokx

    Ultra Instinct Vegito defeated Jiren.


    There is very poor planning by everyone involved.

    I don’t see why 17 self destructed to buy some time… If he just let the attack kill him, he would still be dead but Jiren would be DQ. Worst case scenario, everyone gets wished back with the super dragonballs.

    I also have no clue why nobody has thought of a stalling strategy. Even outnumbering the other universe 4 to 1 with 2 minutes left, I would expect at least one person to try something like this. Vegeta and Goku may have too much pride, but i’m surprised Frieza or 17 didn’t try to stall more. They don’t have to eliminate Jiren, they just have to wait until time runs out. And for the clock being so short on time and his universe being outnumbered, Jiren seems to be pretty calm, passing up several opportunities to eliminate some universe 7 fighters.

  • casmar

    how are those rocks floating?

  • MrLogic

    Just knock vegeta out pls thank you mr jiren

  • Squishy matchbox

    i really hope this arc ends sooner rather than later so we can get to (hopefully) a big bad with some personality. there is nothing more boring than mr generic overpowered muscleman with the “all my friends and family died” “tragic” backstory super powers. everyone i ever heard talk about zamasu said they didnt like him cause he was a whiny character, but jiren doesnt even have that going for him.

  • Fan Lad

    So Jiren is like the Gohan of their universe, but he never quit training to become ‘successful’ or ‘smart’. Is it safe to say Jiren is a parallel of what gohan could’ve been? Its not like he has super weird alien abilities that Gohan couldn’t possibly use (maybe the stare thing)

  • Erhe R.

    Always make me cringe when is see 17/18 being referred as android.

    • Seushimare Jikaze

      yeah technically they are cyborgs

  • Lee Walton

    Seemed like an over-zealous self-sacrifice, but okay….
    At least he thot patrolled like a BAWSS!!!!!