Dragon Ball Super episode 131 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 131 : “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!”


  • Christian Paley

    First! =0)

    • AGCore

      Gratz bro! That’s an astounding achievement, you should live your life with your head up, full of pride from now on!

      • Christian Paley

        Thanks! It’s hard work

        • Kyle Joultz

          Keep it up bud!

  • https://lolpics.com LOL Pics

    second xD

  • Pete Rodriguez

    How much longer we gotta wait?

    • Aionwolf

      theres literally a timer on the top right of the website

      • aimang1

        the live wont be subbed right?

        • Bruno


      • Pete Rodriguez

        Thanks. It wasn’t showing for some reason till now haha

  • Damian Wayne

    Where do we watch it live?. here?

    • Kefla

      Yeah after the timer goes down,the Raw episode (No English subs) will be up then the English sub will be uploaded.

  • Alexander Vd Meulen Mr-Quest

    i hope it’s goes live

  • Android 17

    https://ww2.dragonballway. biz/dragon-ball-super-131-english-subbed/

  • Dragon Ball Town

    check this site also
    https://www .dragonballonly.com/watch-dragon-ball-super-online-episode-131-subbed/

  • Skyey Hunter

    How long until subbed is coming out?

    • Bruno

      1-2 hours

      • Dishant Gusain

        really man..? i’m waiting for more than 1 hour already XD

        • manuga

          Yup gotta wait more

          • Dishant Gusain

            like 1 hour more..?

          • manuga

            Yup i saw the countdown

      • manuga

        Aye will the subbed episode will be aired in this site?

  • Misael Mendez Och

    Deseo Reviver All universe back

  • Viratka

    Watch Dragonball Super Episode 131 subbed on https://ww2.dragonballway. biz/dragon-ball-super-131-english-subbed-1/

    • Nilesh Sonawane

      stop this kid

  • manuga

    How do i rewatch it?

    • Muhibb Younis

      by pressing the replay button?

      • 2Hunter63


      • Confused

        I’m dying with this comment

  • Damian Wayne

    How long till the english subbed is out

  • Lügge Leviski | Notausgang


  • pants

    It’s strange to think that DBS is Sunday morning cartoon in Japan, and late night “adult swim” material in the U.S., while the U.S. is clearly the more violent of the two countries as measured by gun deaths or rate of incarceration.

    • Galaraein

      You lost me after measured XD

      • usabitch

        your dam right and if you talk about gun control i got my glock and hamburger ready bch

        • Suchiththa Wickremesooriya

          You realise he said nothing about gun control right? He was just musing about the cultural differences in entertainment violence with comparison to actual violence in the culture.

          • Christopher M McHenry

            Japan had Suicide Club and Battle Royale as blockbuster cimenatic masterpieces. You would NEVER see ANYTHING like that in a US theater.

          • Suchiththa Wickremesooriya

            I think that’s the point of the thread OP. Japan puts DBS in the Sunday morning slot, while the US classifies it as late night material. Yet the US is more violent in terms of crime.

          • Christopher M McHenry

            Oh, I know. I was just emphasizing the point by those two movies done almost 20 years ago is still “taboo” in the US, but the US says they are the greatest and most advanced country in the world. Not in a really long time has that been true.

          • Droidboy

            It doesn’t have a single thing to do with violence.

            The reason this is not on Sunday mornings is because in the US culture, a large majority of people go to church. They hang out with family, and the last thing they do (now) is watch cartoons. Unless it is a little kid or baby, in order to keep them entertained.

            Adult Swim time is the best time for this to be shown.

    • Guy annoyed by the left

      Came to enjoy 30 minutes of no politics and then we have this guy speaking on clearly something he knows nothing about. Can the left go for 1 minute without trying to force their agenda on everyone?

      • Shika Nara

        he ain’t lyin’ tho.

  • wowlock

    Now imagine if Cell was there instead of Android 17. That would be the triple Mind-fuck.

    • Tuanghoa

      Sure, Either Zen-Oh or Grand Priest gonna fuck him up real bad.

  • wowlock

    If Goku cannot access the Ultra Instinct, that would make Vegeta the stronger one since he can go Beyond Blue now, right ? Or did he lost that when he used all his power to beat Toppo ?

    • Mofiz

      Still has the Kaioken if necessary. About the same

      • João Carmona

        im guessing vegeta is slightly stronger since he said he wont let goku surpass him

        • Mofiz

          He keeps saying that for seasons. They are pretty equal.

          • Marius Grecu

            Actually vegeta’s new form is far beyond kayoken x20. It is the the first form below ultra instinct. And Vegeta was pretty iqual to Goku’s blue kaioken x10 while he was only in blue form.

          • Mofiz

            Says who? Goku and Vegeta fought Jiren equally with noone dominating. Stop making up shit just because you feel like it

        • vineet gaur

          i guess yes vegeta is slightly stronger in blue now
          goku should train and achieve UI by the next series ! 😀
          i am waiting goku :p

    • Trist T

      Meh I think its safe to say that Vegetas Ultra Blue is stronger then Kaioken for the simple fact that it doesnt deplete his stamina or destroy his body… in fact it seems to do the opposite, Vegeta seemed to have far more stamina and power after getting his new form, he fired off Final Flashes like they didnt even sap his strength, an attack thats been compared to the spirit bomb….

      • Kevam

        Ahem, destroying the body and depleting the stamina is something that is true for the base and 3 SSJ forms, and not the Blue/God forms where there is no leak of ki and it’s a stable SSJ form as well. Did you not see how many times Goku used Kaioken X20, not X5 or X10, in the ToP for long periods. It didn’t do anything to him, neither did he lose any stamina. So no, both are about equal. Kaioken X20 SSJB is just about SSJB2, but with cooler color scheme 😉

        • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

          Then why Goku during first fight with Hit (when he used kaioken on top of Blue first time) said that if he made a mistake with kaioken x20 he would instantly die? Blue/God forms are not indestructible.

    • Erick Landaverde

      Naw its about equal. Goku can use Kaioken x20 now so I believe so they about equal.

    • Marvz Ewanko

      Power levels don’t make sense in this show. Don’t try to put logic into it.

      • melvin vaughn

        Actually this is a fighting show. Power levels are all that it is and they are consistent in their own way. Don’t try to dumb down the power scaling of the show because you can’t keep up.

    • Faizan Zafar

      They did two things during tournament, they gave Beyond Blue form to Vegeta and Mastered Ultra Instinct to Goku as we all know that but my point is they took back the ultra instinct form from Goku to make them equally strong as Goku already have Kaioken x20 at the end because now series is going with both of them and in the next season they are again going to get new same forms to the equal level of ultra instinct as i guess

    • Akaalis

      All Goku really has to do is reach SSB2 as well and throw KKx20 on top of it and THEN he is passed Vegeta again LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  • Suhaib Shahid

    That was amazing episode but I’m sad about ending

    • Fate


  • Fate


  • ‏‏

    Ha, I said on a past comment that Zeno might be expecting the winner to wish everything back.

  • NeverTrustCrazy

    Man it’s a good thing future Trunks fucked up the timeline, huh?

  • Goldman 123

    generic but still awesome

  • https://soundcloud.com/broken-mask Broken Mask

    I’ve literally never finished a series with a smile on my face before… but this… THIS made me grin like a retarded chimpanzee XDD

    • JCROSS 1029

      your comment is just as good as this weeks episode XD

    • Zayed Uddin Ahmed

      The series didn’t finish though, it will resume next year

      • Xizziano

        No its not. Super is ending, not going on a break. The movie in December is how DB will continue

    • Christopher M McHenry

      This was episode 131. The “Super” series will have 700 episodes in total.

      • Ege Can Esmer


        • Derek Gaston

          see my reply to Danny

      • Danny Kluitenberg

        Yeah right. Source?

      • Xizziano

        No its not, Super is ending, not taking a break. The movie is how DB will continue, not Super

        • Christopher M McHenry


          • Xizziano

            Theres sources everywhere, it was stated by the creator to be ending

    • Omark

      Yes. I expected a bad ending but this epsiode and ending was fantastic. Really good in all ways!

  • ‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪

    but there’s a movie trailer already

  • Akshit Arora

    Thank you TOEI And Toriyama for not making the end shit.

    • Zayed Uddin Ahmed

      the series didnt end, it went on hiatus till next year

      • Vytautas Rindzevicius

        The finish of every episode to me is like The End of the series ;( (many sad-faces). Dragonball summons in me that innocent, silly joyful childish happiness which calms me down for 20 minutes and makes me forget the wicked world around me.
        🙂 Dragon Ball gives me hope in humanity.

      • Akshit Arora

        Talking about the tournament.

  • serathgamez

    HOLY Quackamoleee

    I was half correct with my prediction that Frieza would resurrect the universes but i was only HALF Correct.

    I was BLOWN away from this Episode.

    Well then till’ we meet again

    • Cr4ator

      Dude, that’s like 900000% incorrect xD If Frieza was last one standing DBS wouldve been erased and we would be forced to watch “DBS: Chronicles of Zeno-sama”

    • pasta12

      Wait you’re saying you’re half right because you predicted the universes would get wished back?? Everyone knew the universes would get wished back lol. How else could the series even continue otherwise.

  • SHADOW54312

    This was amazing

  • Juan Rodriguez

    this episode made me cry a little :'( i i dont want it to end!!! its my favorite cartoon 🙁 bye goku 🙁

    • vineet gaur

      i completely feel it!
      i dont want it to end !
      like never ending series

    • Alex Lai Hon Cann

      Anime not cartoon. Dragonball is a anime not a cartoon.

      • Goku Blanco is actually canon


      • Cr4ator

        DBS is clearly a cartoon.
        Show me a top quality animated film which is mature and I’ll call it anime.

        • Alex Lai Hon Cann

          Really? Nah I don’t think so. I still believe it’s a anime instead I don’t think it’s a cartoon and I supposed Avengers disk is not a anime hmm… yeah right. Sorry but it’s anime.

          • Cr4ator

            No matter how you look at it, an anime is a cartoon. The main difference is that an anime is considered a Japanese style of cartoons in the West. Many English-language dictionaries define anime as “a Japanese style of motion-picture animation” or as “a style of animation developed in Japan.”

          • Alex Lai Hon Cann

            Oh I see so that’s it. I get it now. Well thanks anyway.

      • xiArch

        Well, here i am. *an anime

      • theepak

        Whats the difference between cartoon and anime???

        • Alex Lai Hon Cann

          Well for one thing anime is in Japanese and only that they got triangle noses ( pointy noses ) Weird looking hairstyles , cute girls, cute boys , handsome boys , dramatic scenes , can use many more powers etc etc.

        • Alex Lai Hon Cann

          While in cartoon , they can’t die (unless the creator makes em ) , got superpowers , can shapeshift , transform , beat up each other many times etc etc.

    • Omark

      But the end was so good! It is just for a year because it will continue after the movie

  • Jeffrey Incandella

    um… what about universe 13? lol. the wish was to restore ALL the erased universes. :p

    • Eddy

      Seriously ? OMG SERIOUSLY ?

  • Bradley James Mason

    To anyone who didn’t notice… The part summoning the galactic dragon has its dialog written backwords. Read from bottom to top right to left…

    • Kevam

      Good job figuring it out

    • Kevin

      what is “saep ytterp” ?

      • zerofreeze

        pretty peas, so in a cute way saying pretty please.

      • The Illuminati

        Pretty peas, a more retarded way of saying pretty please.

  • Mares Fillies

    Very sweet ending to the Dragon Ball Super Series. Frieza and Goku helping each other, WOW!. Fanboy love letter right there.

    • Michael Borean

      I was expecting something more special at the end considering they said to be sure to watch to the end. Not WOO WE CAN STILL GET STRONGER, like, no shit.

  • Zuhria Alfitra

    And finally, toriyama forgot about Frieza secret plan xD

    • Kevam

      You got me lmfao

    • Roebi Navarro

      the secret plan is gonna show up later…you’ll see

  • El Samo Loco

    Everyone shrieking that 17 will get his Cruiser like he said he would xD

    • Emman M

      In Episode 68, Goku mentioned that Bulma is almost as good as Shenron so she gave Android 17’s watch to travel around the world on a cruiser. HAHAHA

  • LordzBacon

    anyone notice that…Frost wasn’t there?

    • Juan Gabriel Martinez Rodrique

      Frost Does appear he’s to the left besides Magetta. the screen scrolls him out of view quickly.

    • Eddy

      You must be blind on one eye

  • Erick Landaverde

    So much joy and sadness to Dragonball Super end.

  • Vikastro

    Waa Sugoi ne Sugoi ne!!!

  • BluSleeper

    Probably the worst DBZ series. And I love DBZ. This series was too shallow. Terrible writing and inconsistent art and animation.

    • Akaalis

      True, but then again we all got to see it for free.

      However I do agree with your critique…..

      Hopefully with this time off they’ll be able to polish something of better quality and effort.

      • BluSleeper

        Oh I would have paid for it. I just didn’t have any choice in our country. There is no Anime streaming service or any way of buying it online. The fact that it was streamed for free has no bearing on my remark. Just reviewing the Anime at face value. 🙂

        I would have appreciated better scriptwriting. The animation and artwork is bearable with a stronger story.

    • YOooo

      The first series was the best but this was still a very enjoyable series nonetheless

      • BluSleeper

        I agree. Older series has better story and character development. The action sequences made this one entertaining though. They could have done a lot more with the source material.

    • Eddy

      Well it’s your opinion, everyone has theirs, i feel this was better than DBZ, who knows? Just enjoy the show dammit!

      • BluSleeper

        Exactly. It’s my opinion. I still like DB in general just wish they get better writers moving forward. Second is to maintain drawing and animation quality.

        • Eddy

          I believe now with the hiatus they can work on more refined writing & animations, waiting for the movie!

  • Akaalis

    We all got to see this series for free. It’s either time or money that cost something. It costed us only time… in waiting that is. Be grateful and never bitch nor complain again…

    • Kevam

      There will always be those kinds of idiots bitching as if they pay their whole income for one episode

    • Eddy

      Wise words!

    • Yang


    • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

      Poor product for free is still poor product.

      • Akaalis

        Meh it wasn’t half-bad actually..

        • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

          Had some better moments and some pitfalls. Mainly lazy writing, even non-fillers felt like fillers. Average at best as a whole. I watched it mainly as a fan of earlier series. This and GT – I wouldn’t consider to rewatch anytime in future. I might rewatch original Dragon Ball nad maybe (big maybe) Dragon Ball Z someday. I wouldn’t recommend DB Super to anyone who isn’t devoted fan of Dragon Ball series.

      • Shifu R. Careaga

        you are the weakest link. stop complaining, period.

        • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

          Stop complaining and eat this shit like true Super Retard, right? No. If You get the opportunity You should kill Yourself.

          • Shifu R. Careaga

            I know you’re 11 inside, and hate yourself and the world. But ultimately you only hurt yourself.

          • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

            Yep, because I don’t like Your retarded anime. Isn’t that obvious? Isn’t freedom of expression & opinion exist only for praising anime You happen to like? When You have nothing to say then just offend people who have different opinion? And You’re trying to make an impression of mature one with butthurt at the same time because some people don’t like Your favourite anime? Are You serious, kid? Get lost. I don’t need advices from wannabe internet psychologist. I know what I like and what not.

          • Shifu R. Careaga

            must be difficult losing all debates on account of being a scared man-child inside.

          • https://dietarths.blogspot.com/ ddark

            Must be difficult beeing attention seeking whore constantly blocked by other users.
            *You are blocked because You’re worthless troll*

            If You want to weep out Your sadness go find You mom. I don’t have anything to say to You. I am interested only in discussion with people who have something substantive to say.
            As for debates – there was none here. Only some primitive eristic (look to the dictionary, kid).

          • Shifu R. Careaga

            sigh… Some troglodytes hog up all the retarded on the internet, and leave none for other angry self-styled genius man-children.
            You should be more willing to share with all your 4chan and reddit pals. You hog up so much, it’s spilling over into Disqus.

  • The Wolf Doctor

    No. 17 wished for all the universes to be restored so all the universes up to universe 18 will probably be restored which were previously erased (i m hoping that this happens)

    • Kevam

      Unless Toriyama forgets AGAIN that there used to be 18 universes that existed

      • The Wolf Doctor

        haha yea

  • Kevam

    I think this should bring more heroes and villains to the plot for the next DB series considering No. 17 wished for ALL the erased universes to come back, not just the ones that were erased in the ToP. So all the 18 universes are back, unless Toriyama forgets AGAIN that there used to be 18 universes. If he doesn’t forget, then this could be a potential, interesting plot for the next DB series.

    • Cr4ator

      I think he said all >the< destroyed universes, not "all destroyed universes (ever)"
      "The" indicates that he is referring to specific universes, which means to the ones which were destroyed during tournament 🙂

      • Milan Babic

        “All the universes that were erased” that can have two meanings. It would be fun if he restored all that “ever” existed, but i doubt it. Other universes that existed before were also erased so there’s still a possibility. Let’s wait and see.

        • Cr4ator

          Hopefully the dragon and zen is not so straight forward xD

    • Omark

      Interesting! I guess we will find it out in the future!

  • Eddy

    Mother of god! This episode was lit! i think i had goosebumps the whole time, even while watching it again the second time, i must say they really did a good job. Proud to be a DB fan!

  • Akaalis

    The best 1-on-1 fight in this entire series was obviously the last fight between Goku and Jiren.

    However the best MATCH UP goes to…

    Jiren vs Hit

  • Muhammad Asad Janjua

    Farewell vageta and goku untill we meet again!

  • Son Goku Sama
  • vineet gaur

    now what will i do every sunday!
    daam i am gonna miss Dragon ball super alot!
    love this type of ending , a hope of new series and ending with a big smile
    like i remember crying during GT ending
    this was wayyyy better

  • Alex Lai Hon Cann

    Nice! Awesome! You did a great job toei animation and tv Tokyo. Guess we’ll see you again in the movie.

  • Son Goku Sama

    Damn didn’t expect that from Frieza. LOL

  • Chris

    restoring all the universes is probably what makes an old enemy from a different time come back in the new movie.. sweet.

  • nikhil mudgal

    i love it

  • Kirk Ellis

    Wow just wow

  • Arav Sharma

    restore all the universe erased .. planet vegita is back 100%

    • Simon

      im thinking more universe 13 -16 is back

      • Chuck Clouser Jr.

        And same for the future one Goku Black/Zumasu came from…

  • Simon

    so im guessing universe 13 – 16 is back now that they have all been restored

  • Mayukh Mondal

    That just f**king blew my mind!! Who else had tears in their eyes, from both sadness and joy? I was grinning away like a total idiot!!

  • Sok Chatza

    that was the best episode ever … did nt have to be like super wow.. the effort and the emotions from both sides were dope.. the scene that they threw jiren out and goku starts to flashing from normal to super saiyan got me chills

    • Milan Babic

      Yeah, Goku and Frieza powering up got me chills instantly!

      • John Reichert

        I thought it was awesome too, they both used their powers from when they first fought on Namek but for them fighting together for the first time and their team chemistry. Simply awesome

  • Christopher M McHenry

    Anyone know any free sites to watch old DBZ?

  • Usman Butt

    Moral of the Story :
    Toriyama is a Bullshit 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Writer like the Hell he will ever Stop Dick Riding and 1ups Goku for no appearant reason than making him the only savior of Dragon Ball Series…

  • Milan Babic

    This was marvelous. Every frame of this episode was perfect! It was a pleasure watching their work and being a part of DB for so many years. Remembering days when i run from school to watch it…damn! It came a looong way. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Aisha

    I had hoped that the universes would come back, thank you number 17, thank you for making such a selfless wish, I would have wished for the same thing

  • Grigorescu Tiberiu

    I cried. I’ve watched every single episode of DB, DBZ, DBGT and DBS which makes it almost impossible for me to say goodbye to the series (I know it’s just for a year but still). Although, I sure am glad that this stupid tournament is over.

  • AndrehS86

    If you read what the Grand priest said backwards u can see what he was actually saying to summon super shenron xD

  • Asta Kr..

    Those ho didn’t notice, the stances of Goku and Vegeta on 21:46 are the same stances they first fought each other in DBZ ep. 30

  • Bruno


  • Frost

    Cant wait to see Frost get revenge on Freiza

    Wow!!!! I wish I waited and watched all the Tournament of power episodes without 1-2 weeks delay between. I think It would be sooooooo much better – ye im ganna do exactly that 😀

  • Jack Sparrow

    #17 the REAL MVP!!..Period. Throughout the entire tournament, he stayed toe 2 toe with the most Elite Warriors in the Universe. It didn’t matter if he had infinite energy or not. He still Amazed me the entire time.

  • jthexman91

    anyone else cried? i cried 🙁

  • Jaki May

    I want to train with you, Goku 🙂

  • Akaalis

    Some serious plot armor backing up U7 how in the phukin hell did Goku and Frieza recover so fast from that glare attack at 9:46??????

  • Stiggie

    Yeah, the roles of 17 and Vegeta should’ve been inverted here.

  • BraveKido

    This was the best Dragon Ball series of all time! Even better than Cell. Does anyone disagree?

  • Fya BON

    FEED ……… ME………. EPI….SODES…….dies

  • Jacques Jr Roux

    Magnificent episode! It seems they put all the effort in this one. and Akira Kushida singing during the fight definitely was the best part for me. 😀

  • CB

    Omg that ending shot with Goku and Vegeta posing to fight. Throwback to the original duel.

  • Atsui

    Gosh this “last” episode… I actually almost cried. Dammit, but that was just perfect.
    I’m such a big fucking 8 year old fanboy right now.

  • https://www.empowernetwork.com/totalshortcut?id=4769095 Johnny Phan

    I really love it… I hope the next episode is much better then this one.

  • Akaalis

    That last dialogue between Goku and Frieza though…. Frieza ain’t dare phukin around with Earth… he would have a 1 to 7 disadvantage ratio to the total sum of their major warriors…. 17, 18, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Picoolo and Majin Buu LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  • Matejsam

    Since the beginning I loved Dragon Ball and still at the age of 27 that I would be on 31st of march watching it. Best present ever for a birthday to end a sequel with a very nice last episode, but always kinda sad when it ends.

  • Phillip Holland

    he was really trying to rush that wish

  • theepak
  • Will Amian

    great ending, sucks they didn’t make it an hour special tho

  • asasas

    jiren also gained ultraninstnc hahahahaclol

  • 六SavageAF六

    Aww! Saturdays wont be as fun anymore. I have nothing to look forward to now

  • Lutho Kempele

    Best ending…

  • Squishy matchbox

    the language of the angels is literally just everything backwards :/ also asspulls, all the asspulls

  • SmokeyDokey

    Oh……Well that was great, i’m gonna miss it for now but looks like people are correct, the movie will be a continuation of the series and then they will resume the series after a while.

  • yagermanjenson

    so the power of friendship wins, ended the way i thought it would cause the franchise comes first and cant make money off of characters that dont exist. I really hope this just dies its getting painfully predictable but it wont cause the power of money is stronger.

  • Mostafa Omar

    This is their chance to make Super non-canon, and start the show next year with an actually decent plot and consistent storytelling.

  • James Waldron

    Great fucking ending

  • Isslem Abouda

    until we meet again ://////////////// what a wonderful anime <3 just stunning