Dragon Ball Super episode 132 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 132 : “”


  • Arav Sharma

    lol 132 … i feel shocked

    • Stephen Mears

      there is no 132 episode. this is the movie trailer

  • Joao da Silva

    The sayajiin of the past.
    Problably the legendary super sayajin.

    • Atsui

      Yeah I thought the same, atleast the green’ish aura seems like a hint.
      Could also be the warrior of Universe 6

  • serathgamez

    He was my friend

  • Bar Ibinshuts

    and then we will discover that the legendary super sayajin is actually Yamcha and thats why Birus afraid of him and leted him to give him a bitch slap because Yamcha is secretly OP AS FUCK XD

  • Crimson Dragneel

    for a moment i though there was more episodes and i was like “THERE’S MORE!!!” but found out it was a movie trailer

  • Ardelean Adrian Daniel

    Where is my 132 episode???? Where?

    • CHAOS

      You have to wait for it dude!

  • Siva Smk

    i expected more like ultra intint matered is called super saint white…….and he battleld the all 12 universe gods

  • hendra kusanagi

    trailer for next DBS the movie

  • manu bhai

    dude when it;s come dude Chaos