High School DxD Hero Episode 1 Subbed

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High School DxD Hero Season 4 Episode 1 : “”


  • Kamil118

    it says subbed but it’s not

  • Booster

    No subs

  • Fauzan Farizky

    watching this make me laugh

  • Secultar

    I’ve read all the manga/LN and this is by far my favorite series. I’m kind of glad they picked up where they left off in Born because it had no relation to the story and spoiled a later change. Looking forward to seeing the rest of season 4!

  • Alex Drake

    So glad they retconned the anime original crap. HAHAHAHAH THE OPPAI DRAGON SONG MADE ITS PROPER DEBUT

  • Sunwaytiger

    Oh god i was cringing so hard at the song


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    • Father Ivory


  • James Hardjosudewo

    Lmao wtf was that

  • Airinach

    compared to the third season this is awfully bad

    • Grand Waifu Knight

      Really? What gave that away the shitty artwork or the sound voices.

  • Justin Ivanov

    now they’re just making the anime a bigger joke than it was idk why they decided to remake the episode it sucks

    • cNyk 95

      it was one of the few harem and ecchi anime that actually had an interesting story and plot and now it really feels that is just a joke and all that remains is the usual “plot” but i guess this days this is all you need in animes like this

    • Argoleon

      LOL for a novel reader this was actually pretty more accurate than the last season where they decided on an original ending

    • Justin Ivanov

      Idk much about the manga and frankly if its like this episode i dont want to know i thought the original ending was great if im being honest I really liked this anime before but this season is gonna suck i can tell probably their last one

  • LordMitico

    the first episode was a disappointment for me, having to wait all this time with all excitement in the world to be confronted with such episode is really bad feeling.. couldn’t even believe my eyes at some point

  • Cobalt

    I hate recap episodes! And I had to mute my computer when they started that oppai dragon nonsense. But on the plus side, I am starting to warm up to the new animation, at least a bit, though the old is definitely better.

    • baba

      its not really the first episode, more of a special and this is just episode just a massive retcon of season 3, basically Loki brainwashing the president forget about that so last 3 episodes irrelevant. TNK the studio headed to anime original near the end and fucked up the future of franchise, the author was pissed so he decided a new studio to produce the anime because TNK fucked up.

  • Boi????

    DAFUQQQdasdadadada is this

  • Boi????

    DAFUQ adadafafaf fsd is this!?!?!?!?!? M8s

  • https://www.usgamingserver.com Luke Ruba

    10/10 Would listen to “Oppai Dragon” Again

  • liran

    not what i was expect….

  • Umut Songur

    Oh man, I love the “Oppai Dragon” song. Even thought people think this episode was complete waste and bullshit, I think it was a great epsoide. It was funny. Also, you don’t need to worry about other episodes because this series are going to be 13 episodes, so its actually 12 episodes.

  • Joze Elcius

    When is the next episode

  • GodZ Lupascu

    I really hope this is a fake or a parody.. Because I don’t like this season.. I was so excited when I heard the season 4.. But now… I don’t really like it…